About Trot

teuroteu <트로트> (Trot) is a genre of Korean pop music.

The genre is also known as yuhaengga, ppongjjak, and most recently teuroteu <트로트> (Trot).

The name ‘Trot’ is based on a shortening of “foxtrot”, a ballroom dance which the simple two-beat of elements of the genre is derived.

It is sometimes called ppongjjak <뽕짝> as it is based on a distinctive background rhythm. It is recognized as the oldest form of Korean pop music.

During the 1990s, the genre’s popularity declined; however, in recent years, it has been subject of revivals by contemporary South Korean pop artists.

Trot music has elements of two-beat rhythm or duple rhythm, traditional seven-five syllabic stanzas, and Gagok (unique vocal style).